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How Often Do You Need a Checkup?

If it’s time for your next dental checkup, we’d be happy to take care of you at Hillstream Dental. We have two convenient practice locations, one in Rochester Hills and one in St. Clair Shores. You can call or email either to set up an appointment.

Maintaining a Clean & Healthy Smile with Braces

If you or your child need help maintaining good oral hygiene during braces treatment, contact us at Hillstream Dental. Our friendly teams in Rochester Hills or St. Clair Shores are always happy to help our community figure out the best way to keep their smiles healthy and bright!

Does Certain Toothpaste Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

We can help you find a solution to improve your oral health & comfort. Sometimes gum disease or receding gums are the culprit if you suffer from tooth sensitivity. Call for a thorough dental cleaning and exam at Rochester Hills or St. Clair Shores.

Get the Best Results From Your Orthodontic Treatment

Hillstream Dental provides comprehensive orthodontic services. We offer Invisalign clear aligners, traditional braces and ceramic braces. Our experienced team can help you select the best option for you or your family member. Give us a call to request your consultation.

Does Your Bad Breath Mean Something More?

Hillstream Dental offers comprehensive dental services. We accept a wide variety of financing options so our patients don’t have to choose between their health & their budgets. Don’t be embarrassed by halitosis any longer. Call today to find a solution for persistent bad breath.

Why Do I Have White Spots on My Teeth?

Our team at Hillstream Dental would love to help you have a beautiful, healthy smile! Visit us in Rochester Hills or St. Clair Shores and we’ll work with you to develop a treatment plan that suits your individual needs and budget.

Tips for Choosing the Right Toothpaste

The Hillstream Dental team would be happy to answer any dental questions you may have, including what toothpaste might be the best for your smile. We offer comprehensive dental care for the entire family. Call for an appointment

How to Teach Your Child to Brush

The final secret to teaching your good oral health habits? Come see Hillstream Dental regularly! We’ll help you keep their oral health on track by spotting trouble spots that need extra attention. We can address any emerging dental issues before they become emergencies.

Can Mouthwash Damage My Teeth?

Remember that mouthwash isn’t a substitute for the rest of your oral health routine. Make regular visits to Hillstream Dental part of your preventive care. Please contact us to book your visit. We have offices in Rochester Hills and St. Clair Shores.

How to Prevent Plaque Buildup

Hillstream Dental wants you to know that taking care of your smile not only impacts your oral health but also your overall health. Staying on top of your dental health can make a huge difference for your teeth and your entire body! One of the most common enemies to your total health is plaque. Keep … Continued
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