Dental Crowns in Rochester Hills, MI

Looking for somewhere to get a dental crown near you? At Hillstream Dental, our dentists provide dental crowns from both our Rochester Hills and St. Clair Shores locations. To get going, just contact our practice so we can set you up with an in-office consultation and answer any questions you might have.

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Reasons to Get a Dental Crown

A dental crown is a type of restorative treatment that can be used in a variety of different situations. Here are some of the reasons your dentist might recommend you get a dental crown:

  • To restore a tooth with decay too severe for a filling
  • To keep a dental bridge in place
  • To fix cracked to broken teeth
  • To strengthen damaged or weakened teeth
  • To complete a dental implant
  • Dental crowns Rochester Hills, MI

    Dental Crown Procedure

    Before we even start working on your teeth, we’ll take X-rays so that we can get an accurate picture of the treatment area to precisely plan the procedure. Once we have all of that information, we’ll “prepare” the tooth in question so that the dental crown can fit correctly on top. Then, we’ll take an impression of the tooth, which we use to create your custom, tooth-colored crown.

    While waiting for your dental crown, we’ll provide you with a temporary one so you can continue to smile with confidence. To finish, we’ll bring you back for a second visit to place your permanent dental crown. At the end of the procedure, you’ll be left with a dental crown that resembles the appearance of a natural tooth!

    Rochester Hills Dental Crowns

    Affordable Dental Crowns

    If you need dental crowns, we don’t want financial worries to stop you from getting the treatment and improving your oral health. Hillstream Dental has many different payment options to suit a wide range of budgets. We accept insurance, offer financing through CareCredit, and even have our own dental savers plan, which is a great alternative for the uninsured. You can learn more about all of these by visiting our Financial page or speaking to a member of our team. Let us help you get a healthy smile!

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