Why Are My Wisdom Teeth Growing in Sideways?

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Teeth are supposed to come in upright, but that doesn’t mean that things go according to plan. Wisdom teeth, in particular, often have a hard time erupting properly. Since they are the last teeth to come in, the other molars have been in place and there’s frequently no room left. Here’s what you need to know about wisdom teeth that grow in sideways.

How Wisdom Teeth Grow In

Some lucky people have wisdom teeth that come in perfectly straight. They have enough room in their jaw and there aren’t any issues with disturbing the alignment of the surrounding teeth. Many other people aren’t so fortunate. When there’s not enough space in the mouth, wisdom teeth can come in horizontally and become impacted. This means they aren’t able to break through the gums to fully emerge. These “sideways” wisdom teeth are parallel with the jawbone, and they can lead to swelling or infection in the gums. Plus they can be really painful.

Getting Wisdom Teeth Removal

If the way your wisdom teeth are growing in is causing problems, then one of our dentists at Hillstream Dental will most likely recommend that you get them removed. If they remain in your mouth, it’s possible that a dental infection can develop. Impacted wisdom teeth can also crowd neighboring teeth and move them out of alignment. None of these are ideal scenarios and they each can bring on additional problems. For example, poorly emerged wisdom teeth can make it harder to keep the rest of your teeth strong and healthy, or create a need for orthodontic treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Hillstream Dental

Are your wisdom teeth giving you trouble? Contact Hillstream Dental for a consultation! We’ll be happy to see you at either our Rochester Hills or St. Clair Shores location to assess the situation. We provide wisdom teeth removal as part of our services, and when you get the procedure done with us, you can rest easy that you’ll be in good hands. We offer different levels of sedation for patients who are anxious about oral surgery.

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