When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

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At Hillstream Dental, we do everything we can before recommending a tooth extraction. There are a number of restorative options available but there are some instances where a tooth extraction is an absolute necessity. Wondering which dental issues require a tooth extraction? We’ll go over some of the most common situations when an extraction is necessary.

Wisdom Teeth

Smiles can function completely fine without wisdom teeth. That’s why, more often than not, if wisdom teeth are causing problems, we will perform an extraction. Another reason for extracting wisdom teeth is when patients don’t have enough room in their jawlines for the new additions.

Severely Damaged or Broken Teeth

When a tooth can’t be repaired with a restorative treatment such as a root canal and/or a dental crown, an extraction may be necessary. We will try everything we can to save your natural tooth, but if no other restorative treatments can repair the tooth, we must extract it to prevent the tooth from hurting other teeth or causing infections.

Impacted Teeth

If a tooth is stuck beneath the gums, you run the risk of it potentially wreaking havoc on the other teeth. Impacted teeth can mess up tooth alignment as well as crack or break existing teeth. It’s important to remove impacted teeth in order to preserve a patient’s oral health.


When a patient is about to undergo orthodontic treatment, it’s important that there’s ample room for the teeth to move around to the desired positions. When teeth are overcrowded, it can cause a variety of health issues and make orthodontic treatment almost impossible. An extraction may be necessary to help make room in the jawline to straighten teeth and improve overall oral health.

Gentle Tooth Extractions at Hillstream Dental

If you need a tooth extraction, we will ensure that your procedure is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. At Hillstream Dental, we offer a variety of tooth replacement solutions. Our Rochester Hills and St. Clair Shores offices can discuss your options after your extraction to fill in the gaps in your smile. Do you have a troublesome tooth? Contact our office to book an in-person consultation!

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