How to Deal with a Toothache

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If you’re dealing with a severe toothache, whether it be sudden or ongoing, you should get to our office as soon as you can. Sensitivity and tooth pain may indicate advanced decay or an infection that will require professional treatment. In the meantime, though, read on to learn some things you can do to ease your toothache.

  1. Salt Water Rinse
  2. For many types of mouth pain, especially if the source is a mouth sore, an infection, or inflamed gums, swish a mixture of salt and warm water around in your mouth. This is a safe, gentle way to provide some relief and help clean the affected area.

  3. Floss
  4. If it appears that your tooth pain is coming from a piece of food stuck between your teeth or underneath your gumline, gently floss the area. You may be able to dislodge the source of pain, easing your discomfort. Common offenders include popcorn kernels, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and berry seeds.

  5. Over-the-Counter Medication
  6. Sometimes turning to an over-the-counter pain medication can deliver much-needed relief from nagging tooth pain. Use as directed, and if you’re not sure which brand to go with, reach out to your primary care physician or ask our team for a recommendation.

  7. Cool Compress
  8. For tooth pain, especially when swelling is involved, try applying an ice compress or a bag of frozen veggies to your cheek for up to 20 minutes on, then at least 20 minutes off before applying again.

  9. Pain Relieving Oral Gel
  10. Keep an over-the-counter oral pain relieving gel on hand in case tooth pain strikes. Using only as directed, apply the gel to your gums for short-term pain relief.

Relief for Tooth Pain in Rochester Hills & St. Clair Shores

Of course, all of these are only temporary remedies; dental pain should never be ignored. If you’re ever experiencing tooth pain, or any dental emergency, contact Hillstream Dental for emergency dental care. Call 248-853-9400 to reach our Rochester Hills location or 586-296-1140 for our St. Clair Shores office.

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