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Do I Have TMD/TMJ?

Does your jaw pop and click when you chew? Do you have frequent migraines and facial pain? You may suffer from TMJ/TMD. Keep reading to learn more about TMJ/TMD. We’ll discuss the most common signs and symptoms, and some options for treatment. What Are TMJs? TMJ is shorthand for temporomandibular joints. They are the joints … Continued

How to Prevent Plaque Buildup

Hillstream Dental wants you to know that taking care of your smile not only impacts your oral health but also your overall health. Staying on top of your dental health can make a huge difference for your teeth and your entire body! One of the most common enemies to your total health is plaque. Keep … Continued

Traditional Braces vs Clear Aligners

Plenty of people need the help of orthodontics to get the picture-perfect smile they’ve always wanted. These days, dental patients are in luck because they have more teeth straightening choices available than ever before. If you’re currently at a crossroads trying to decide what’s the best method to get straighter teeth, the Hillstream Dental team … Continued
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