Which Foods Are Good for Teeth?

Brushing and flossing aren’t the only things you can do at home to strengthen and protect your pearly whites. In addition to superb oral hygiene, eating a healthy diet can help fortify your teeth and protect against cavities and tooth decay. To help you harness the power of a tooth-healthy diet, our Hillstream Dental team has put together a list of five foods that promote healthy teeth and gums!

    Closeup of a big block of cheese that contains calcium that is good for teeth

  1. Cheese
  2. If you’re a cheese lover, you’re in luck: cheese is chock full of calcium and protein, two necessary nutrients for your teeth. Calcium strengthens your teeth and bones, while protein can help strengthen your tooth enamel. Enamel is the hardest surface in your body and the protective covering over your teeth. However, avoid highly processed cheese and cheese from a can. Real cheese is best for your teeth!

    Closeup of a bundle of orange carrots with betacarotene and green stems

  3. Carrots
  4. Crunchy vegetables like carrots are a great way to clean your teeth while you enjoy a snack. Chewing carrots can clean off and disrupt decay-causing plaque and bacteria. Pair with hummus for added flavor.

    Closeup of dark leafy greens with calcium, one of the foods that are good for teeth

  5. Leafy Greens
  6. Leafy greens like kale and spinach contain fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, and antioxidants that help keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong, which will help prevent decay and cavities.

    Aerial view of almonds in a white dish on a wooden counter, one of the many foods good for teeth

  7. Nuts
  8. Nuts are the ultimate energy and health-boosting snack. Not only do most nuts contain tons of protein and calcium, they’re carb-free so they won’t feed bad bacteria in the mouth.

    Aerial view of oranges that contain vitamin C, which is good for gum health

  9. Oranges
  10. Although oranges and other citrus fruits are high in acid, they’re also full of vitamin C. Vitamin C can fight against gum disease by reducing your risk for inflammation. When you do eat citrus, drink plenty of water and wait at least 30 minutes before you brush your teeth to allow your enamel time to re-harden.

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By adding these foods to your diet, you can strengthen your teeth while you fight against cavities and tooth decay. To ask our team any questions or to schedule your next appointment, contact us today.

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