Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Treats for Your Teeth

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! In this blog post, we suggest some festive, tooth-healthy treats to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17. They are approved by leprechauns and dentists worldwide. Plus, these lucky foods will contribute to good oral health all year long when consumed even after St. Patty’s Day has come and gone.

    Aerial view of a Granny Smith green apple sliced in half for a St. Patrick's Day treat

  1. Granny Smith Apples
  2. A tasty green snack, Granny Smith apples are enjoyably tart and crisp. They contain a variety of vitamins essential for good oral health, such as vitamin A and vitamin K. Vitamin A helps prevent dry mouth, and vitamin K helps support a strong jawbone. Not only are green apples delicious and nutritious, but they also cleanse your teeth as you chew. When you bite into an apple, it helps to scrub away at the plaque on the surface of the teeth. Pair apple slices with your favorite nut butter for a satisfying St. Patrick’s Day treat.

    Aerial view of a bunch of celery against a light blue background

  3. Celery Sticks
  4. Fresh and green, celery sticks are a perfect snack both for your teeth and for this green holiday! Celery sticks are fantastic because they contain anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants, and beneficial nutrients that protect against gingivitis. For example, vitamin K, vitamin C, and folate are necessary for cell growth, repair, and healing. Plus, chewing on celery helps clean your teeth and stimulate your gums. Even if you think celery tastes bland, you can still enjoy this vegetable since celery sticks make great vessels for dips and spreads. For example, smear a generous dollop of cream cheese, hummus, or a nut butter to jazz up this green treat.

    Aerial view of a bundle of green and orange carrots

  5. Carrots
  6. Need a healthy dupe for festive gold medallions at the end of the rainbow? Cut into circles, carrots can easily pass for a bountiful treasure, especially when paired with hummus. Carrots are another food that greatly benefits your dental health due to vitamin A (from beta carotene) and potassium. Vitamin A keeps gums moist, and potassium improves jawbone strength. And like apples and celery, the fibrous crunch of a carrot stick scrubs your teeth and stimulates blood flow in your gums.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Hillstream Dental!

Holidays can be tough on your teeth when sugary treats are involved. Make St. Patrick’s Day more tooth-friendly with these healthy treats! Additionally, make sure your next routine cleaning and exam are on the calendar. If not, give us a call or utilize our online contact form to request an appointment.

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