What is Regenerative Bone Grafting?

regenerative bone grafting, medically accurate 3d illustration

Got concerns about bone loss in your jaw? Don’t worry, regenerative bone grafting is here to save the day. This modern procedure helps restore your jawbone to its former glory, giving your smile the solid foundation it deserves.

How Regenerative Bone Grafting Gets the Job Done

After a thorough examination to determine if you’re a good candidate for bone grafting, your dentist will get down to business. They’ll gently open up the gum area to get to the bone that’s seen better days, clean out any unwelcome bacteria, and place a bone graft material right where it’s needed. This graft is like a VIP pass for your body’s healing processes, guiding new bone growth and keeping further loss at bay. The best part? It fuses right in with your own bone, in a process called osseointegration. No later removal is necessary!

The Lowdown on Bone Graft Types

When it comes to picking the best type of bone graft, it’s all about what’s best for you. Here’s the typical lineup:

  • Autogenous – straight from you, for you.
  • Allograft – human-made, human-given.
  • Xenograft – animal-derived, human-approved.
  • Alloplast – the synthetic wonder that your body can’t help but love.

Are Bone Grafts the Safe Choice?

Thinking about a bone graft? Rest easy knowing they’re safe, solid, and dentist-approved. Yes, there’s a tiny chance of infection or the body saying ‘no thanks’ to the graft, but with today’s dental smarts, those risks are super low.

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