Are Retainers Required After All Orthodontic Treatments?

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When the braces come off, it’s a big relief. It’s officially the end of a long journey toward a straighter smile. And while the end of orthodontic treatment is a milestone, there’s still important work to be done on the patient’s part in order to maintain that beautiful smile.

What Is a Retainer?

After the braces or clear aligners do the heavy-duty work of shifting your teeth around and straightening your smile, your teeth are free to start moving on their own, sabotaging the careful work of the orthodontist. This is where retainers come in. Once your braces are taken off or treatment with aligners is complete, a custom set of retainers will be made to fit your teeth. Retainers are usually made of some combination of rubber, clear plastic, or metal, and can be removable or permanent. Your orthodontist will determine the best option for you.

Why Are Retainers Required?

It is absolutely necessary that retainers are worn consistently after orthodontic treatment. Over time, our teeth naturally shift, and usually not in a direction that improves the smile. That movement can ruin the smile that took months, if not years, of work to achieve. As you might imagine, there is no good time to stop wearing a retainer. It’s recommended that the retainer is worn as often as possible, and at least nightly, forever. Of course, retainers themselves won’t last forever, and will need to be replaced a few times over the course of wear.

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