Custom Mouthguards vs. Store-Bought Mouthguards

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Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard is an effective way to protect your teeth when you’re playing contact sports, such as basketball, soccer, football, lacrosse, and hockey. You don’t want to be enjoying a game only to have the fun ruined by a mouth injury, particularly a knocked-out permanent tooth! If you’re looking to get a mouthguard, you may be facing the choice of whether to go to a dentist for one or whether you should just pick one up in the store. We’ve compared the two to help you make your decision.

Custom Mouthguard

Pros: Protection, Comfort & Durability

The biggest benefit of a custom mouthguard is that it’s made specifically for you. That means that it’s designed to fit the unique size and shape of your teeth, so it’ll feel more comfortable to wear while also giving you optimal protection. Additionally, custom mouthguards are made to be quite durable so they can often last longer than their alternatives.

Con: Cost

The drawback of a custom mouthguard is that it will most likely cost you more than getting a generic, store-bought version. Remember though that you’re paying for an experienced team to handle your case and for a lab to create a unique mouthguard for you, which could protect you or your child from a potential dental injury that would require more expensive dental bills.

Store-Bought Mouthguard

Pros: Cost & Convenience

An advantage of a store-bought mouthguard, such as a ready-made or a boil-and-bite product, is that it’s an affordable, convenient option. You can just run to the store and pick one up without worrying too much about how much it’ll cost or how soon you can start wearing it.

Cons: Protection, Comfort & Durability

However, a main disadvantage of a store-bought mouthguard is that since it’s a product made to work with nearly any person, it doesn’t offer the same quality, protection, and comfort when it comes to fit. You may find wearing a store-bought mouthguard a bit uncomfortable because it’s not perfectly formed to work with your bite. Store-bought mouthguards are also often made from thinner plastic than custom mouthguards, which can make them less efficient in protecting your teeth.

Custom Mouthguards at Hillstream Dental

Whichever option you choose, wearing a mouthguard is better than not wearing one at all when you’re playing contact sports. But if you do decide you want a custom-made one for optimal protection, maximum comfort, and superior durability, contact our team here at Hillstream Dental to schedule an appointment.

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