Do You Have Sinus Pressure or a Toothache?

Man with his hand on his cheek due to tooth pain.

Without some medical training, it’s hard to pinpoint the cause of different types of pain. And we all know that it’s easy to get lost in the many different answers or hypotheticals you find online. They often make you feel more anxious and confused than ever. One medical matter we’ve seen people feel stumped on is whether their dental pain is an actual toothache or the result of some sinus pressure. It’s true that sinus pressure can cause a very similar feeling to a toothache. Here’s how you can tell the difference:

Signs of Sinus Pressure

Your sinuses are found inside your cheekbones, close to the upper jaws and particularly close to the roots of the back teeth there. When your sinuses are congested, inflamed, or infected, it can cause pressure on the nerves of those tooth roots. The result is that sinus pressure may feel like you have a toothache.

There are, however, some symptoms that signal your issue is sinus-related and not an actual dental issue. For example, if you’re experiencing nasal congestion, coughing, an ache in multiple teeth rather than just one, or sore throat, it generally is because of sinus pressure. If you don’t have any tooth sensitivity to temperature, then it may also be a result of sinus pressure.

Signs of a Tooth Infection

There are specific signs that are related to sinus pressure and there are also specific symptoms related to a dental infection. These include a persistent bad smell or taste in your mouth, swollen or red gums, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, tooth discoloration, and facial swelling.

Tooth Fracture

A tooth fracture can also cause erratic pain that is hard to tell from sinus pain. You may experience pain when you bite down, but at other times have no pain at all. If the fracture is new, you won’t have any infection either. Cracks can result from large fillings, teeth grinding or biting down on something hard. They are more common in patients over 50 because as teeth age, they become more susceptible to cracks. Unlike a broken bone, cracked teeth will not mend on their own.

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