Ways to Help the Earth & Maintain a Healthy Smile

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Did you know that Earth Day is today, April 22? It’s a great time for each of us to consider if we’re striving to help the environment and doing what we can to preserve the resources and beauty around us. After all, our world is the only one we’ve got! While there are many different ways you can make your life a little more eco-friendly, we have some ideas for you about how to do so while also taking care of your smile.

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Dental Routine

  1. Watch Your Water
  2. Remember to turn off the sink when you’re brushing your teeth! It’s easy to forget, but all that running water can really add up. Just use the water when you need to rinse your brush and mouth. Additionally, instead of using a disposable cup or a cupped hand to rinse your mouth with water, keep a washable cup by the sink.

  3. Choose Bamboo
  4. Most toothbrushes you’ll find at the store are made from plastic, which, as you probably know, isn’t the kindest on the planet. Nowadays, you can find bamboo toothbrushes, which are biodegradable. So instead of contributing more plastic waste that will just go into the oceans or landfills, you can go for a more environmentally-friendly choice.

  5. Don’t Overuse Toothpaste
  6. It may seem like you need to fill your whole toothbrush head with a nice swirl of toothpaste just like they do on those dental commercials, but you actually only need a pea-sized amount. When you use this much, your toothpaste will serve you longer, which means going through fewer tubes and, in turn, less plastic waste.

  7. Recycle When You Can
  8. See if it’s possible to recycle the packaging and/or the product itself when you finish using your toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and toothbrush. TerraCyle has several recycling programs, including some for oral care products. Getting in the habit of recycling what you can is a simple way to look after our beautiful planet!

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