Do I Need Restorative Dentistry?

dentist implants dentist Here at Hillstream Dental, we provide restorative dental services. But how do you know if you need restorative dentistry? As the name suggests, restorative dentistry is all about repairing and restoring your teeth and oral health back to its best. In this blog post, we go over a few restorative treatments that target certain issues:

  1. Fillings for Cavities
  2. Early-stage decay is when tooth enamel has been temporarily weakened through demineralization. But this can often be reversed with improved oral hygiene using a fluoridated toothpaste and mouthrinse, a healthy diet, and plenty of fluoridated water. However, a filling is necessary when your tooth has become permanently damaged by advanced decay in the form of a cavity. Fillings repair the tooth’s damage, restore strength and function to your tooth, and help prevent further decay.

    At Hillstream Dental, we offer composite fillings that match your tooth’s natural shade, so they aren’t noticeable. The cavity is cleaned out, filled with this tooth-colored material, which hardens, and then we shape it to fit comfortably with your bite.

  3. Crowns for Cracked/Damaged Teeth
  4. Dental crowns are utilized for a variety of restorative purposes. They can top a dental implant, stabilize a dental bridge, cover a severely decayed tooth treated with root canal therapy, and hide teeth that are cracked, broken, or discolored. Each crown is custom-made to fit seamlessly into the patient’s smile, so it looks natural and functions just like a real tooth. They are usually made from a special dental ceramic.

  5. Dental Implants for Missing teeth
  6. If you lose an adult tooth, unfortunately there isn’t another one waiting to erupt. But there are artificial options available. A dental implant consists of a small titanium post surgically implanted into the jaw to act as an artificial tooth root. Implants that successfully fuse with bone can be completed with a realistic-looking restoration, such as a dental crown, bridge, or dentures.

  7. Bone Graft for Weak Jawbone Density
  8. A patient interested in a dental implant to replace a missing tooth will need to have their jawbone density assessed. This, in addition to their lifestyle habits and oral hygiene, will determine whether they are a good candidate for the procedure. A bone graft will be necessary if a patient’s jawbone density isn’t sufficient to support the dental implant. During this restorative procedure, materials (either from the patient or a donor) are implanted into the jawbone to boost its strength and stability.

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