Is Dark Chocolate Good for Your Teeth?

Aerial view of squares of dark chocolate with cocoa dust in a cup with a silver spoon

You’ve probably been advised to stay away from candy and other treats and foods jam-packed with sugar. However, did you know there is a tasty treat out there that is beneficial to your body in moderation? Dark chocolate is believed to have a number of health benefits—including for your teeth! Here, we’ll dive deeper into this sweet treat and learn about its favorable traits.

What Makes Dark Chocolate Healthy?

Dark chocolate is derived from dried and fermented beans of the cacao tree. This chocolate is rich in antioxidants and fiber. It is different than milk chocolate because dark chocolate contains less than 12% milk solids, and thus a higher content of healthy cacao.

What Are the Benefits of Dark Chocolate?

There have been several studies to suggest that dark chocolate may increase blood flow, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of developing heart disease, and much more. It works to raise your HDL, also known as your “good” cholesterol, and lower your LDL, the “bad” cholesterol. Additionally, cacao is beneficial for fighting off bacteria, which is the cause of cavities and decay.

How Much Is Too Much?

While there is significant evidence to show that dark chocolate has a positive impact on your health, it should still be consumed in moderation since any sugar in dark chocolate (unless it is 100% cacao) will become food for the bad bacteria in your mouth. When bacteria eat your dietary sugar, they produce an acidic byproduct that leads to tooth decay. So consider dark chocolate a better alternative for your dessert than milk chocolate and other sweet treats, but try not to make it a daily staple in your diet. However, eating dark chocolate a few times per week is OK. Moreover, try to reach for dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao.

Preventive Dental Care

Dark chocolate is always the better choice over its sweeter siblings, milk chocolate and white chocolate. And when consumed in responsible amounts, you can enjoy both the yummy flavor of dark chocolate and its health benefits. To take proper care of your smile, it’s important to make smart dietary choices, maintain a superb at-home daily oral hygiene routine, and attend routine cleanings here at Hillstream Dental. Contact us to schedule your next appointment today!

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