Why Do Dentists Recommend Nightguards?

Cartoon of a man grinding his teeth while sleeping.
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While nightguards may seem like bulky, unnecessary oral appliances, they can actually be excellent preventive measures for the right patients. If you suffer from frequent teeth clenching or grinding, a custom nightguard created by an experienced dentist could offer many benefits to you.

Protect Your Teeth & Gums

Durable, custom mouthguards are designed to cushion the force of the patient’s bite and act as a shield against dental trauma. Teeth are the strongest bones in the body, and the jaw muscles are also incredibly strong. Therefore, clenching and grinding your teeth at night can result in extensive damage to your smile. The top of your molars can become worn down, and you may notice your gums receding. Popping in a nightguard before going to sleep is a quick and easy habit that can protect your teeth and overall oral health.

Relieve Your Symptoms

Did you know that bruxism and TMJ can cause headaches, jaw clicking and popping, along with tension in the face, neck, and shoulders? Incorporating a nightguard into your nightly routine is easier than you might think. Additionally, you may begin to notice certain symptoms you’ve been struggling with either become reduced or disappear altogether. The symptoms of chronic teeth clenching and grinding can range from slightly annoying to downright debilitating. We always want to help our patients find treatment solutions that will help them to live happy, healthy lives.

Save Time & Money on Restorative Care at Hillstream Dental

Untreated teeth grinding and TMJ can lead to issues like tooth decay, dental trauma, infections, and gum recession. These issues can require treatments like fillings, root canals, dental crowns, and gum grafts. The Hillstream Dental team always prefers to help our patients avoid needing these treatments whenever possible. That’s why if we believe a patient could benefit from a custom nightguard, we are glad to recommend it to them. Are you looking to get a custom nightguard? Contact us in Rochester Hills or St. Clair Shores for an appointment.

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