When Are Bone Grafts Necessary at the Dentist

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Did you know that jawbone health affects a patient’s overall oral health? It can also play a part in determining if patients are able to receive certain dental treatments and procedures. Our jaws have a significant impact on how our smiles function. Bone grafts are most commonly used in dentistry to repair and strengthen the jawbone. Read on to learn more about the reasons why a bone graft may be a necessary dental treatment.

What Is a Bone Graft?

A bone graft is used to replace a damaged portion of the jaw. The procedure may look different depending on the extent of damage or deterioration of the jawbone. However, in general, a bone graft procedure uses a piece of bone that is either removed from the patient themselves or supplied by a human bone donor. This piece of bone is used to repair the damaged area of the jawbone. Once the bone graft is complete, the jawbone will be more stable and healthier.

Reasons You May Need a Bone Graft

Wondering if you may need a bone graft? Here are some of the most common causes of jawbone damage that may require a graft in order to repair the issue:

  • Dental Trauma & Injury

  • Severe dental trauma and persistent teeth grinding and clenching can result in a damaged jawbone.
  • Advanced Periodontal Disease

  • Periodontal disease can cause the teeth and the jawbone to disintegrate. The built-up bacteria can eat away at the jawbone, leaving it weak and fragile.
  • Preparation for Dental Implant Placement

  • Missing teeth are one of the most common causes of jawbone degradation. When the teeth are no longer present, the jawbone starts to disintegrate without the constant stimulation.

Bone Grafts at Hillstream Dental

Questions about bone grafts and the procedure to get one? At Hillstream Dental, our skilled team of dentists have extensive experience performing bone grafts to improve patients’ jawbone health. Please contact our office to learn more!

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