Is Tooth Pain a Sign of Something More?

Young woman with toothache indicated by a glowing red spot on her cheek and pained look

Toothaches can range from minor annoyances to painful indicators that something is seriously wrong. If you are ever unsure whether your tooth pain is an emergency, call us at Hillstream Dental. We will walk through your symptoms and can work to schedule a same-day treatment, if necessary. In the meantime, the following information will inform you about some of the common causes of toothaches and what you should do when you have one.

What Causes Tooth Pain?

There are a variety of causes of tooth pain. Sometimes, a food particle is trapped between the tooth and gumline, causing pain and irritation that can be alleviated with string floss. Other times, tooth pain comes in the form of extreme sensitivity due to cold weather or hot, cold, sour, or sugary foods and beverages. Sometimes tooth pain is caused by sinus sensitivity due to a sinus infection or seasonal allergies.

In more severe cases, tooth pain is a sign of a damaged or infected tooth that needs immediate treatment. Depending on the level of damage, our dentists may need to perform root canal therapy to treat the area and prevent the spread of infection. This kind of tooth pain could be the end result of something like poor oral hygiene, a cracked tooth, or an untreated cavity.

How Can You Manage Tooth Pain at Home?

If you are experiencing minor tooth pain at home, you can try some home remedies to ease your pain. Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water to clean your teeth and remove trapped food particles. You can also try applying ice to your cheek or taking an over the counter pain medication.

When Is Tooth Pain an Emergency?

For more minor pains, you can try at-home remedies to see if the pain eases, then schedule an appointment at your convenience. But for severe tooth pain and discomfort, treat your toothache as an emergency and seek immediate help. When in doubt, our team is available to help. To ask us any questions about your tooth pain or to schedule your next appointment, call us today!

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