Are Some Dental Fillings Dangerous to My Health?

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When a tooth is damaged by decay, our priority is to save the natural tooth. Dental fillings are one of our more common restorative treatments for teeth damaged by decay. All dental fillings are not created equal, however. Read on to learn why composite fillings are safer and more natural-looking than other options!

When Do We Use Dental Fillings?

Each time you eat sweet or carb-heavy foods, the bacteria in your mouth break them down to form acid. Over time, the acid builds up and wears away on your tooth. Without proper oral hygiene, a cavity can form in your tooth. Untreated cavities can lead to infection and decay inside your tooth. If we notice this in your teeth, our first step is to remove the decayed tooth material. Then, we fill the cavity with a dental filling. This prevents decay from reforming and supports your tooth structure.

Why Are Composite Dental Fillings Safer Than Amalgam Fillings?

Like many dental procedures, dental fillings have evolved over time. In the past, many dentists used amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings are silver in appearance and contain silver, copper, tin, and mercury. Over time they gradually lost their popularity due to the negative environmental and health effects of mercury-based products. At Hillstream Dental, we use composite fillings created from a mix of ceramic and plastic compound. Not only do they blend in with your natural teeth, they don’t contain any potentially harmful material.

How Do You Care for a Dental Filling?

If you already practice a good at-home oral hygiene routine, you don’t need to change anything to care for your dental fillings. However, if you don’t currently brush twice daily and floss once per day, you run the risk of recurring tooth decay underneath your filling. Take it from us, it’s no fun. Regular dental cleanings are also part of keeping your fillings in good condition. To ask our team any questions about dental fillings or to schedule your next visit, call our office today!

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