Common Misconceptions About Root Canals

Graphic illustration of four steps of root canal treatment

We’re sure most people have heard many myths surrounding root canals. However, many of these myths are simply common misconceptions that are passed on. Hillstream Dental would like to clear up some common misconceptions and let you know what you can actually expect from root canal therapy!

  1. Myth: Root Canals Are Painful
  2. It’s a common myth that root canals are extremely painful procedures. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. Root canals are fairly routine procedures geared towards easing tooth pain caused by severe dental damage. Many patients report feeling almost-instant pain relief from root canal therapy.

  3. Myth: You Will Lose Your Tooth Anyway
  4. When the treatment is performed properly and the patient keeps a proper oral hygiene regimen, root canal therapy should successfully save the natural tooth. Each case is different, but root canals have a very high success rate and many patients are able to keep the tooth that was worked on for a lifetime.

  5. Myth: Root Canals Remove the Tooth’s Root
  6. This myth is false. Root canals remove the pulp inside of the tooth that is damaged and infected. By removing the pulp and cleaning out the tooth, dentists can preserve the entire tooth, including the roots.

The Truth About Root Canals

Root canals are one of the most common, stress-free procedures available. The sole purpose of root canal therapy is to preserve your natural tooth and relieve pain. Before beginning root canal treatment, your dentist will thoroughly numb the area around the tooth. They will also administer any sedation decided on in your consultation. The most patients will feel is slight pressure throughout the treatment, not pain. The dentist will clear out any damaged pulp inside the tooth’s canals, fill it with a durable material called gutta-percha, and bond a dental crown on top to support the tooth.

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Are you in need of a root canal? You have nothing to fear! At Hillstream Dental, our skilled dentists have extensive experience performing gentle root canal therapy. Contact us to book your in-person root canal consultation today!

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