Effects of Nighttime Teeth Grinding

Brunette haired woman sleeping with clenched teeth caused by bruxism.

Nighttime Teeth Grinding

Stress, wandering thoughts, or jaw misalignment are only a few factors that can contribute to bruxism, also referred to as nighttime teeth grinding. Sleep bruxism may also be related to sleep disorders like sleep apnea. However, when nighttime teeth grinding occurs frequently, complications can develop.

Signs & Symptoms of Bruxism

  • Flat, Fractured, or Chipped Teeth
  • Worn Tooth Enamel
  • Increased Tooth Sensitivity
  • Tight Jaw Muscles
  • Jaw or Neck Soreness or Aches

The Impact of Nighttime Teeth Grinding

It’s important to pay attention to the symptoms of nighttime teeth grinding in order to prevent further problems. Not only are these effects uncomfortable, but they can result in a long-lasting impact on your oral health, so it’s best to seek treatment as soon as possible!

  • Tooth Damage

  • Teeth can only withstand a specific amount of force until they show signs of damage. Fractured, loose, or worn-down teeth can be more susceptible to decay or sensitivity.

  • Loosened Teeth

  • Too much force on the teeth can also stretch the ligaments that join the teeth to the bone. When these ligaments are damaged, teeth start to become loose and shift.

  • Receding Gums

  • Did you know that teeth-grinding doesn’t just stop at your teeth? It can also loosen teeth in their sockets, creating deeper pockets for bacteria to collect. Bacteria around the gums can increase the chance of receding gums.

  • Morning Headaches

  • Due to the constant tension of pressure, headaches are more likely to develop. If you have chronic headaches or migraines when you wake up it may indicate you’re grinding your teeth at night.

  • Jaw Pain & Stiffness

  • When repeated motion occurs, the muscles performing the action can wear out, leading to soreness and pain. When this happens, you are likely develop TMJ/TMD, which is a disorder with the hinge joint that connects the jaw to the skull.

Mouthguards in Rochester Hills & St. Clair Shores, MI

Not sure if you’re teeth grinding during your sleep? Schedule a visit for evaluation with one of our friendly dental professionals at Hillstream Dental. If it turns out that you’re teeth grinding, we can develop a treatment plan to protect your teeth. This may be as simple as creating a custom mouthguard. Our team is here to protect your oral health, and in some cases help you get a better nights’ sleep!

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